Noise's HomE

जय गुरुदेव ॐ


Axiom: Music world is full of snob people.

Part of the cause is us, the consumers, paying rude amounts of money for musical products.
If the music artists would be poor people, the planet (musically speaking) would be different.
But is not.
And will not be, since we pay these guys the way we do.
Think about it.

Now, about this place.
This website is not for snob people.
Nor for audio engineers dreaming about working in a big recording studio.
If you dream about that, leave this website at once. This place will destroy your career.
We are cheap people here, using cheap equipment, finding cheap workarounds every day.

On the other hand, on crisis time like this (if you don’t know what am I talking about, yes, is time to leave now, please), in my personal opinion, is impolite to spend indecent amounts of money for things that can be done with less.

So, this place is just for home recording studio owners.
Enjoy the place and, if you find something useful, please share some too.

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